Our work speaks for itself and we take pride in delivering only quality content that satisfies the needs of anybody and everybody.

But perfection can be achieved only by improving and learning from our errors.

Therefore we take complete responsibility for fixing any issues faced by our customers under our refund policy. For assistance you can email our support/care team The team will look into the matter and fix it within 7 business days from the day of email received.

A customer is liable to receive/get a refund if the request is made within 30 days of purchase of the item and under following circumstances:

  1. If the support/care team is unable to fix the corrupted file.
  2. Misrepresentation of product details of the file types and resolutions.
  3. In case of missing or irretrievable file.

However no refund can be issued in the following circumstances:

  1. The purchase was made by accident.
  2. Lack of ideal software or expertise to use the purchased item
  3. The item is no longer needed by the buyer or their client.
  4. Partial refund cannot be issued for a bundle/bulk order.
  5. In case the item cannot be downloaded our support/care team can provide you a temporary dropbox link for the issue. However a refund cannot be issued for the same.

After the refund has been initiated the purchased item will no longer be available in your account.

Repurchasing will no longer be possible if the deal under which the item was sold has expired.

Repurchase can only be made for the same item if it’s still available with us but as per the latest or updated deal.

Issuance of refunds is sole discretion of

For further assistance or queries please connect to us at

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