Wooden A-Frame Sandwich Board Mockup


Wooden A-Frame Sandwich Board Mockup

A-Frame Sandwich Board stands, also known as A-Frame signs, have long been a staple in the realm of signage and advertising. These versatile stands are characterized by their A-shaped design, which allows them to be placed on sidewalks, outside storefronts, or at event venues to attract attention and convey messages.

Originally used for advertising specials or menu items at cafes and restaurants, A-Frame Sandwich Boards have evolved to become a popular choice for businesses of all types looking to enhance their visibility and branding.

Whether you’re creating a new product line or refreshing existing ones, this mockup is perfect for product testing and marketing purpose.

Product features:

1 Mockup – 1 Photoshop PSD file
High resolution
Fully layered
Insert easily your design with smart object
Professional results
2000 x 2000 px – 300 dpi
Minimum requirement: Photoshop CS6+ (photoshop is required)
Please note: designs used in the presentation images are NOT included.
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Whether you’re a small business looking to attract foot traffic to your store or a marketer aiming to promote an event, our PSD mockup is the perfect tool to help you visualize your message on a traditional yet contemporary signage medium. The free wooden A-Frame sandwich board mockup adds a rustic charm, while the customizable features allow you to experiment with different designs, colors, and messages to ensure your sign stands out and resonates with your target audience.

Display your creative design on Binder Mockup in a more efficient way. Premium quality. Incredibly simple to use.

How to use:

Step 1: Download the Mockup file, and open with Photoshop software.
Step 2: Ones the file is open, you will see layers panel on your right. Look for a layer named Smart object / Insert your design here.
Step 3: Double click on the small icon visible on that layer’s icon.
Step 4: A new window will open. Place your design on this file and save (Ctrl+S / Cmnd+S)

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